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How to pronounce the word ‘Voorwerp’?

Believe it or not, but that’s still one of the questions I frequently get asked and although I just finished another (English) phonetics course, it’s quite a hard question to answer in an e-mail. (In actual conversations at meetings abroad, people get round this by asking about my ‘thingy’ in space). Now I could just […]

Hanny’s Voorwerp and the Little Voorwerpjes

As with almost everything these days, I meant to show you this sooner, but it’s still cool. Did I tell you that after the big Hanny’s Voorwerp discovery we found a few more examples? They live closer to their neighbouring galaxies (compared to their big cousin Hanny’s Voorwerp) and they’re smaller. Hence the nickname Voorwerpjes, […]

Media update!

I’m going to start another message here with “I’ve been meaning to show you…”. I’ve been meaning to show you these media appearances for a while and while I was saving some of these links, the list grew longer. So just for the record: here’s where my Voorwerp showed up lately.  I was asked to […]


Picture: Hanny van Arkel  It was a success; Heel Nederland Kijkt Sterren (the Dutch equivalent of Stargazing Live)! Since I was present at the live location Sterrenwacht Tivoli in Oudenbosch, I had only seen bits of the show last Wednesday on the little monitor in the field. Until yesterday, when I watched the whole thing […]

‘Heel Nederland Kijkt Sterren’…

…is the Dutch equivalent of the BBC’s Stargazing Live, which will be broadcast for the first time tomorrow evening. I’m announcing it here because it will be really cool and you should watch it if you can and also because I will do an interview for them. The details:  Wednesday 3 December 2014, 21.25-23.00 on […]