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A Decade as a Citizen Scientist

Ten years ago, Galaxy Zoo was born. The online citizen science project Chris Lintott came up with to help him answer some questions about the Zooniverse. I mean universe*. By now it doesn’t need an introduction anymore, but the BBC News gave a nice summary today (which is fitting as they announced GZ’s birth ten […]

Astrofest 2015

  With the sun over the water on a train over a bridge, with music in my own bubble, I can almost cry at the beauty of life. I kid you not. It was one of those breath-taking big orange ball sunsets, of which I couldn’t have taken a picture that would do it justice, […]

Citizen Science in Brussels

Thanks to the world wide web (again), I learned about this conference in Brussels about citizen science (especially in Belgium and the Netherlands). The ‘young academy’ organising this already had a lot interesting speakers and they also planned to have a landscape, or market, where scientists and ambassadors could show their projects. This is where […]


I still owed you the pictures of the Zooniverse Conference in Portsmouth last month! So here they are. It was another great weekend, as expected. And before I left, I felt I very much could use one of those, to be honest. Besides the good science we discussed, it is also always nice to see […]

ZooCon 2014 part III friends

You can see a selection of all the pictures taken at this event on my Flickr account.   After the successful conference part of ZooCon 2014, we moved to our favourite pub; the Royal Oak. Here I declared my love for Chris again, for making all of this happen. For putting together this loveliest group […]