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Voting for ‘Common Decency’

  As you might be well aware, I’m half British in my mind and most of my friends live in the United Kingdom, so I’m well informed of what’s happening over there. Today they vote. Now I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert in politics, in any country, but of course it’s very important […]

March Against Animal Testing

  I realise this will sound very cliché, but it’s my life goal to try and leave the world a better place than it was back in ’83. Therefore I’ll stand up for what I think is right whenever I can and one such occasion was last month, on World Animal Day. More than a […]

My Ice Bucket Challenge

  If you’ve spent any time on the net this summer, I’m sure you’re aware of the Ice Bucket Challenge trend. You might even be one of those who are annoyed by it. Well, here’s mine.   As I explain in my video below, I found out about it first through Anthony Carbajal – you […]

Wildlife Rocks

“Wildlife Rocks is an event that celebrates wildlife. It’s a fantastic day to share wildlife experiences with celebrities and wildlife enthusiasts through music and talk. It will encourage you to look a little more closely at the creatures we share our space with. Wildlife Rocks consists of an action packed festival of education and fun.”  […]

Stop the Cull now!

(This is an assignment for my English course, module LAN3 – 6.7. It’s not one of the reports I need to put online, but since it’s a good summary on the horrible situation of the British badgers, I wanted to share it. It’s already graded by my tutor with an 8,0 and by Brian with […]