Making an art of being a cover girl

This is me keeping a promise made to two of my students. They might have forgotten for the time being, with it being our summer break now, but I haven’t so here goes.

A few weeks ago these two students, Sanne and Silvana, chased me down in the hallway to tell me they were making drawings of me in the art class. “Haha, you’re what? Why?” I replied. Turns out, they kind of had to. I found the assignment my colleague had given them still on the white board when I came in the classroom. In short it said: bring a picture of someone famous you like, cut it in half, draw the other half and make a magazine cover of it.

Silvana: “But then I told Miss B. that I don’t know anyone famous that I like, but then I remembered that you are famous as well and so Sanne and I thought to draw you and Miss B. said that was alright.” They googled me, printed two pictures, and cut me in halves. I told them I was flattered and I’d love to keep pictures of the results in my art category on my site. Nope, being a teacher is never boring.

This first one is Sanne’s. The name of the magazine still had to be made up at this stage, but the gossip on the left suggests I’m rethinking my singing career (all lies!)

Silvana gave me my very own “Hanny van Arkel magazine” (catchy eh?) and suggested on the right that I’m dating their mentor, Mr. Berkx, although she made him a cowboy instead of a P.E. teacher.

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