Book: Biohacking

If you’re not new to this site of mine, you know I often mention the places my Voorwerp pops up. A while ago I was interviewed for this book, with the subtitle ‘Gentechnik aus der Garage’, and one of the authors – Richard Friebe – made sure I got a copy to show you. It’s in German and my German is not exactly good. I tried, but I can’t actually understand it well enough. I do think they’re rather positive about me, the Zoo and Citizen Science, but if there are any German readers out there who can tell me more, that would be ace. It’s cool to see my thingy described in another foreign language in any case! Oh and I spotted our dear Sir Patrick in there a couple of times too…

Anyway, if you want to check it out: Biohacking, Gentechnik aus der Garage, by Hanno Charisius, Sascha Karberg and Richard Friebe.

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