CULTAVERDE is the ‘show-ALL-the-talent’ eve at the CITAVERDE College, where I’m a teacher. The year is added because it was such a success we’ve already decided to make it an annual event. We had invited all students and colleagues to participate and show their art. There was an audition to make sure we only had serious contestants and we practiced together before the big evening. Other teachers, students and their families took their place in the audience and the atmosphere was marvellous.

We had singers, guitarists, dancers, rap-talent and even a beat-boxer. The show was presented by two talents from my own class, said the proud mentor. They really were great. I helped them making their cards and during all this the duo was flexible, cooperative and confident. Some of the singing students, who had asked me to accompany them, were a bit nervous. But somehow we all got each other through it. The teachers room had been dubbed ‘backstage area’, where kids supported each other – and us.

I love how music makes people connect on a level they otherwise wouldn’t. We had first year students helping final year students. Students who otherwise hardly speak to each other, were giving each other encouraging feedback. We saw it, they felt it and this enthusiasm is still there. Before the last round of applause I had already decided to set up a music club and we currently enjoy learning from things we love sharing every Friday afternoon. Music was my first love. Teaching probably my second.

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