Stargazing with the family

After Steven and I had taken my little cousin and her parents to the Sterrenwacht Limburg for the National Stargazing Days, we had promised her a private show in her garden with our ‘scope another night too. My dad, my stepmum and my aunt’s twin sister came round for this as well and luckily, we had a lovely clear night. I just thought I’d share a few pictures of this evening here.

1 IMG_4987
Our first target

2 IMG_4971
Valesca looking in the mirror while Steven is setting up the telescope.

3 IMG_4973
She thought her big head was rather amusing.

4 IMG_4976
Very interested, she remarked that it’s so handy you can spin the thing round.

5 IMG_4985
And she thought the black ‘dress’ was pretty.

6 IMG_4991
Here I’m showing my dad what one can do with a phone camera these days.

7 IMG_4988
Valesca looking through the ‘scope.

8 IMG_4990
And showing her kitty.

9 IMG_4992
The whole family seemed to be amazed by the view and our stories.

10 IMG_4994
We looked at planets, star clusters and a few distant galaxies.

11 IMG_5003
With tea!

And a close-up of Luna I took with Anja’s iPhone 5.

Later that evening, Mars came up and even though we had to move the telescope to the path of the park, right outside the garden, we all wanted to see this one as well! It was a great evening. I do enjoy looking up and even more so when sharing the experience.

Oh and, when we went to the Sterrenwacht again, we pointed the telescope in the dome at M51 (the Whirlpool galaxy) and M13. Both were a first for me. Steven and Joep started explaining to me what M13 is, a ‘bolhoop’ in Dutch. From their description I understood and said: “Oh, you mean a Globular Cluster?! I’ve seen that one in Galaxy Zoo as well”. Thank you, Zoo!