Wildlife Rocks

Wildlife Rocks is an event that celebrates wildlife. It’s a fantastic day to share wildlife experiences with celebrities and wildlife enthusiasts through music and talk. It will encourage you to look a little more closely at the creatures we share our space with. Wildlife Rocks consists of an action packed festival of education and fun.”

Says the explanation on the website of the organisers. As you probably know, wildlife, animals and nature have been a passion for as long as I can remember and I’ve been supporting Brian (May) in his quest to make this world a better place for every creature from the start. (People often ask me about my badge still). Brian’s Save Me organisation held the first Wildlife Rocks event in 2012. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make that one, but I heard it was a great success. This year it took place on a bank holiday, the 5th of May, so I flew in and out to check it out.

It was a beautiful day in sunny Guildford and I looked forward to the fun part of the festival a lot. I mean, I still love to see my pal play and there would be many stalls to check out too. When I arrived at the station, it appeared as if they had hidden the shuttle busses, but I managed to arrive at the exact time The Troggs started playing! So I joined the crowd in the field and danced along to their classics. Then Brian joined them for “Wild Thing” and that was wild indeed. Kerry took the stage as well and together they made sure it “Rocked” as promised.

Brian and Kerry also did a set more like the Born Free shows inside the cathedral, where before them the excellent Elvis Shmelvis and Katrina (from The Waves) played. It was annoying and amusing at the same time that the sound guy seemed to have problems, but Brian said he knew his songs by heart and it really did sound so moving anyway. I would describe the atmosphere as peaceful; I guess because I knew I was surrounded by mostly likeminded, sensible people, who care about others.

I also felt very frustrated at times though. In between the music and the fun, the education part was – although very much needed – less nice to experience. There were lectures about the horrible things we do to our fellow creatures and although I am not the kind of person who would ever give up fighting, part of me wanted to close my eyes in shame, feeling pessimistic and powerless. We can’t though! The wildlife needs our voices and together we can make a lot of noise.

A lot of things to think about on my way back in any case. Happy and sad. I had to fly back early, so there was only time for a quick hug backstage, before I had to find my way out through the crowd of fans. I spent some time waiting for a “closed” gate that hadn’t even been opened yet (lesson of the day: the boards lie) and I remember I just felt humble and grateful (again). I can wholeheartedly recommend a visit to a future Wildlife Rocks event and let’s take care of our fellow creatures, shall we?

Wild things, I think I love you!

My ticket to Wildlife Rocks

Brian and The Troggs

The SAVE ME stand at the festival

My wristband

Brian and Kerry inside the cathedral

I took some bits of the field with me…

And Steven picked me up from the airport with these…!


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