1 IMG_8747
Picture: Hanny van Arkel

It was a success; Heel Nederland Kijkt Sterren (the Dutch equivalent of Stargazing Live)! Since I was present at the live location Sterrenwacht Tivoli in Oudenbosch, I had only seen bits of the show last Wednesday on the little monitor in the field. Until yesterday, when I watched the whole thing from dad’s recording. Dad said he loved the show too: very interesting and informing, in a way everybody could understand. And I fully agree.

Sure it was a bit hectic. I received a call on Tuesday asking if they could come round to my place the day after to do a pre-recorded interview as well. We did a few interesting shots at the Sterrenwacht Limburg, before I rushed to Oudenbosch with trains and busses and what not. There I heard they were not going to use the pre-recording (that’s television for you), but they did still want for astronaut André Kuipers to interview me live (which was very cool of course).

And very much worth the cold. It was a lovely location and we were taken care of very well. Friends of mine were also interviewed and they got their telescopes signed by André afterwards. We still had to travel back south for two hours, but it was good to be a part of this. I also loved seeing so many awesome people in the astro-world that I know working together and of course we were all happy the show was finally here in the first place!

I heard from a reliable source that we had over one million viewers, which is of course pretty good for our little country. Also, from this spot, I’d like to thank all those viewers who’ve been in touch during and after the show; the feedback is much appreciated! (And thanks to everyone present for the fun times!) If you’ve missed it, you should be able to watch it online now too and below you can see a few pictures we took from our ‘backstage’. And here’s to next year!

2 10626263_1597464603810345_4752254972352382593_o Edwin van Schijndel
Picture: Edwin van Schijndel

3 10669205_731644456913304_4425735707786764465_o Orfeo Tremour for Sterrenwacht Tivoli
Picture: Orfeo Tremour for Sterrenwacht Tivoli

4 1495969_731645196913230_8098372716342644303_o Orfeo Tremour for Sterrenwacht Tivoli
Picture: Orfeo Tremour for Sterrenwacht Tivoli

5 1957771_10204931696149879_275843033801875532_o.jpg Xavier Debeerst
Picture: Xavier Debeerst

6 IMG_7001-bewerkt
Picture: Steven Lantinga

7 IMG_7004
Picture: Hanny van Arkel

8 IMG_7010
Picture: Steven Lantinga

9 IMG_8744
Picture: Hanny van Arkel