Lecture in Bussloo

Remember that Night we paid the observatory in Bussloo a surprise visit? And that they had invited us back to do a lecture session? Well that took place last night and it was a lot of fun. I think I may have given one of my best talks yet about the Voorwerp and Steven filled the second part of the evening with his very interesting presentation about the evolution of the universe and mankind.

The people in the audience were lovely. Thank you again for all your compliments and the nice chats afterwards! And also for the tasty local bread! Highlights of the evening for me were the (very good!) question this boy in the audience asked Steven; he wanted to know if Steven thought the evolution of humankind would have happened differently, had the Big Bang happened one second sooner or later than it did. Another highlight was the fact someone asked for my autograph – in our comic book! And last best: I was given a beautiful piece of artwork inspired by the Voorwerp, by the gentleman in the last picture below.

I will show you said artwork in a different blog. Thank you again, lovely people at Sterrenwacht Bussloo. We’ll be back!

1 IMG_7190

2 IMG_7205

3 IMG_7216

4 IMG_9202

5 IMG_7228

6 1 IMG_7225