Lecture in Dordrecht

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Finally I gave a lecture for the stargazers in lovely Dordrecht! I say ‘finally’, because I think my Dutch Galaxy Zoo pals Arie and Jan (from Astroblogs) had already mentioned this when I met them back in the beginning of the Zoo. It took for André to ask me again on the Achterhoek weekend though: thanks for that! And also special thanks to Maarten for arranging everything so perfectly (really)!

The venue was lovely and so was the audience. (And the hotel/restaurant we paid a visit to prior my talk). It was great to see old friends again and to meet some new ones. Steven and I also both went on a tour in Jan’s antique car and we had a look in the observatory. But perhaps most memorable was meeting the lovely Marah, who showed me a picture of her solar system made of oliebollen. She had seen me on telly recently and she’s a keen amateur astronomer herself.

So I had a lovely evening. Thanks again to everyone in Dordrecht! We will be back soon…

1 IMG_7241
The water tower restaurant/hotel

2 IMG_7249
The presenter

3 IMG_7245
With André, Jan and Arie

4 IMG_7247
In the observatory

5 IMG_7250
Catching up before the start

6 IMG_7260
Doing a magic tric?

7 IMG_7263
All the cool things in the Zoo

8 IMG_7279
Answering questions

9 IMG_7295

10 IMG_7296
With the lovely Marah! 🙂


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