Hanny’s Voorwerp and the Little Voorwerpjes

As with almost everything these days, I meant to show you this sooner, but it’s still cool. Did I tell you that after the big Hanny’s Voorwerp discovery we found a few more examples? They live closer to their neighbouring galaxies (compared to their big cousin Hanny’s Voorwerp) and they’re smaller. Hence the nickname Voorwerpjes, meaning ‘little voorwerps’. They recently appeared on various places around the world, including spacetelescope.org, which a couple of you have pointed out to me (thanks for that!)

We also appeared on Astronomy Picture Of the Day again and I was sent this cool video below, which gives a more detailed explanation too. And I know I’m not supposed to read the comments, but I have to admit I find the internet’s thoughts on this quite amusing…



Okay, a top 15…

1. Actually i am more impress by brian may being a astrophysicist than a new type of object discovered : D

2. This is the most amazing thing ever. Basically it’s the dance between two galaxies. Hm. Sounds like a Queen lyric. Lol.

3. Just one reason Brian May is my favorite rockstar.

4. A L L H A I L T H E G L O W C L O U D

5. So it’s like a spotlight on a cloud.

6. …so it’s a space-rainbow. =)

7. Voorwerp is such a weird word though.

8. Very disappointed that I didn’t get to hear another person fuck up the name.

9. Well, you tried pronouncing it correctly. Close enough.

10. They should have called the object “Hagelslag” just to confuse scientists.

11. She’s really fortunate. By volunteering & asking a simple question, Hanny van Arkel’s name will be remembered forever… well for as long as human civilization exists. Now that’s immortality.

12. Thanks, joining galaxy zoo right now. At the same time I wish not to find a black hole. ; )

13. I’ve heard of this object before, but I never bothered to look into it. This video made me realize that was quite the mistake.

14. I’d like to touch hanny’s hinny.

15. Yeah, I’d like to stick my voorwerp into your blue blob……or black hole…either one is good.


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