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Garden Lodge London

  We came home from Montreux on Thursday evening. Saturday I was off to London again. While Steven travelled up north to find more leftover dinosaur bits, I was on my way to the Wildlife Rocks event in Guildford and I’d meet my friends prior to this. I had almost forgotten how beautiful the sunset […]

What a truly magnificent view – Montreux once more

  After the beautiful day in Montreux yesterday, filled with sunshine and Queen’s legacy, we had planned to be just tourists on our last day. Maarten, one of my colleagues who had been here before, had recommended a visit to Château de Chillon. We also wanted to see the mountains from a bit closer today. […]

It’s all so beautiful… (in Montreux)

  When I woke up in our hotel room in Montreux, I immediately remembered where I was and the thought Freddie was just a few metres away from my position at that time, made me smile. We got up at a reasonable time and only then noticed the gorgeous view from the lobby. “It’s a […]

Ready Freddie? – To Montreux!

  “Don’t stop me now…” Freddie expressed my feelings through the radio in the car, as we set off to Montreux, Switzerland. As a long time proper Queen fan (or is that called ‘Queenie’ these days?) a trip to the band’s safe haven has been on my bucket list since forever. (Befriending The Hairy One […]

White stuff!

  The good stuff! As I said in my previous entry, we had snow in some parts of the Netherlands. Not the messy, slushy stuff. But the proper, thick 10 cm which is perfect for snowball fights – stuff. We stayed over at our friend’s house and in the morning we went for a walk […]