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Night of the Night

We’ve been turning our lights off in the Netherlands to raise awareness for light pollution, for a couple of years now on ‘De Nacht van de Nacht’. This ‘Night of the Night’ coincides with the night we change our clocks an hour back from summer time, so there is more night. It’s an initiative from […]

TEDxGhent – videos online!

  A couple of weeks ago, I did a TEDx talk and I wrote about that experience, showing pictures of the event, here on my blog. A couple of days ago, the videos appeared online. Looking back at my talk, the perfectionist in me thinks I could’ve done this a lot better, but as I […]


(Scroll down for more pictures).  A few months ago, I received a very official looking invitation to speak at this year’s TEDxGhent event. Cool, I thought, I didn’t have one of those on my CV yet. So I said yes. Loads of information followed, including deadlines, rehearsal days and an invitation from a speaker coach! […]

My Students visiting De Sterrenwacht

More pictures of these events can be seen on my Flickr page.  One of my colleagues recently asked me if I knew who to contact at Sterrenwacht Limburg to discuss a school trip to the science centre. And so the Brunssummerheide forest, where it is located, became my ‘office’ for a few days. We had […]

Pecha Kucha Peelland

My Pecha Kuch presentation in Maastricht, which was spread online, led one of the organisers of the Pecha Kucha Peelland event (in Asten) to ask me for a talk in 20 x 20 seconds too. Or maybe I should use the word ‘beg’ instead of ‘ask’. Not because I needed convincing, I like doing these, […]