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Goodbye We Will Rock You

It wasn’t just a title. It was a promise. And they have kept that promise for 12 years. They really have rocked millions of people including me on several occasions. Starting back in that summer of 2005. When I came back to London in 2008 (after discovering the Voorwerp) I also went back to see […]

We Will Rock You in 2005

Let’s do a flashback. Back to August 2005. And back to a serendipitous encounter. I was very young (just 22) and I had hardly set foot in another country. I was studying to become a teacher and I again/still lived with my mum. Never had I been to London, let alone on my own. It […]

The Eagles in Concert

I remember the moment I learned the Eagles would be touring in Europe again. I sat on a train to Steven for the weekend and I called him up, excitedly, asking if I could arrange ‘something’ for that particular weekend in May. Surprised and curious he had said: ‘of course’. This was the third time […]

Wildlife Rocks

“Wildlife Rocks is an event that celebrates wildlife. It’s a fantastic day to share wildlife experiences with celebrities and wildlife enthusiasts through music and talk. It will encourage you to look a little more closely at the creatures we share our space with. Wildlife Rocks consists of an action packed festival of education and fun.”  […]

Garden Lodge London

  We came home from Montreux on Thursday evening. Saturday I was off to London again. While Steven travelled up north to find more leftover dinosaur bits, I was on my way to the Wildlife Rocks event in Guildford and I’d meet my friends prior to this. I had almost forgotten how beautiful the sunset […]