Another gathering of friends in London


After a cuppa in Kensington, I made the mistake of trusting the local friend to find the way. Not that it really mattered though; the Sun was shining and our other friends would still be in the Prospect of Whitby, which has become one of our favourite pubs. Annie, Els, Graham, Nigel, Rona, Julianne, Geoff and I got together for lunch for no particular reason other than to enjoy each other’s company. Later on, Richard, Yvonne and their daughter would also join the party, but we had moved on to the Union by then (our other all time favourite).

We stayed the whole afternoon, this “chosen family”, and we had pudding before we had one of those long saying-goodbye-sessions on the streets again. Richard and Yvonne were so kind to offer their guestroom, so I could easily travel to Guildford the next day. Of all the friends who had wanted to come with me, none were eventually able to, but I was happy to go check it out on my own. I will tell you about that in another blog though. This is just a page for my diary to remember the lovely day with my English pals.

Annie did another session of reading our palms, mine and Julianne’s. She did this a while ago and was surprisingly able to more or less say the same things almost three years later! It must be true then, right? (In all seriousness, I just think it’s fun and nice to get this sort of feedback from someone like Annie, while she’s holding my hands). We again filmed both ‘sessions’. Now, I’m not going to reveal Julianne’s predictions, except that she’s probably going to live a long and happy life too. I did add the video of my session though, but here’s also a recap:

I’m flexible, intelligent and influential (good qualities for a teacher). I’m also sensual and I have “bedroom skills” (!) I like travelling a lot (you think?) but I will probably stay in Europe (that sounds about right). She also said that although I appear very spontaneous, I’m also very much a planner (this is very true). I will probably only marry once (I sure plan to) and she saw only 1 or 2 strong relationships for me… She also thinks the marriage will give me two kids (that would be nice some day). There will be some career and/or relationship challenges (I did not tell her about those yet), but everything will work out fine (I really do think so too). I am strong, will live to a ripe old age and the best bit: she told me I know my own future.

Thanks Q! And you other lovely chums X

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