Monthly Archives: December 2008

No more champagne…

And the fireworks are through… (Andersson & Ulvaeus, 1979). Well, soon. Soon 2008 is over and the new year starts. Though I’d like to think of the changing of years the same way as the changing of a regular Wednesday into a regular Thursday, I can’t help but looking back – and forward.   As […]

The terror of the Christmastreelights.

I do know that’s officially not one word, but I think it should be. Anyway, aren’t they nice, those Christmas tree lights? They bring this cosy atmosphere to your home. Well, once they’re finally in your tree that is.   No matter how organised I wrap them up every year, they always seem to move […]

I’m going to appear in Playboy magazine!

With pictures! A week ago, I spent a day with a reporter from the German Playboy. He took the photos and interviewed me. And he came all the way from Italy for that, but luckily we could do the interview in English…   I met him on a quiet Monday morning in a cafe in […]

How’s your gas cloud doing?

The gas cloud is still keeping the authors of the paper about it busy and it’s getting proposals accepted so, fine, thanks. One of the recently accepted proposals was the one for the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy, where they found out some interesting new facts (I’ve been told). But to make this story complete, […]

Helping Sinterklaas.

I love the tradition of Saint Nicholas. I love the joy and the excitement of the kids. The trouble Sint takes, to arrive with his big steam boat every year. The funny tricks of his helpers, the Zwarte Pieten. His loyal horse Amerigo and the songs about it all.   I also like to help […]