Monthly Archives: June 2009

Zuyd University

My diploma/degree/proof-I’m-a-teacher says that’s what the ‘school’ I’m graduated from in 2007 is called in English and today, that was the location for another lecture about Galaxy Zoo, citizen science, the discovery of Hanny’s Voorwerp and how my life changed ever since.  One of my former teachers asked me to come to school (remember, in […]

The Zoo documentary in Oxford

“Are you guys from a real zoo?” I heard the girl from The Big Bang restaurant say. But nope, we’re from a Zoo of Galaxies and we come from different places to meet up and hang out frequently.   This time the occasion was the making of a documentary, which was organised by Colin and […]

Leaving, on a jet plane

Friday 19th June, 13.00 pm, somewhere between Donegal and Dublin.   I’m quiet. I’m as silent as serene Donegal, while we drive back to the city again. The only thing on my mind is how much I enjoyed driving through the amazing county and how much I’ll miss it. There’s a song on the radio, […]

Another day in Paradise

I woke up feeling the most lucky person in the world: I woke up in Donegal and I had a whole day ahead of me here. The only thing on our agenda was enjoying the environment, while climbing the Errigal mountain.   I’m pretty sure the word ‘paradise’ is Irish and was invented right here. […]

Fort of The Foreigner

That’s the English translation of ‘Dún na nGall’, which I learned from Duncan, who wrote to me saying he really enjoyed my lecture (thanks!). It’s Wednesday (I keep losing track of what day it is here, which feels very relaxed) and this morning we walked around in the little town Donegal.   With the emphasis […]