Yearly Archives: 2011

Happy New Year!

Remember when we thought machines might not be able to handle the millennium change? Yeah, that was 12 years ago. TWELVE. I’ll just say it one more time, this year. How Time Flies! And my time deficit is pretty much my only big problem in life, with the only consolation that at least I enjoy […]

A life changing experience?

A few months ago, Karen Masters asked on the Galaxy Zoo forum whether Galaxy Zoo has inspired us to do anything new. As she said, there are a few great stories of volunteers actually going back to school, taking science courses, one of whom is my friend Thomas. But she was also after maybe not […]

Our Hubble picture across the internet

As the end of 2011 gets nearer, I’ve stumbled across quite a few websites with ‘my space frog’ on them. This mostly happens on twitter (the stumbling across part). However, I also wanted to ‘retweet’ a few of them here, for the record sorta.   First, although I’m already a few days late mentioning this, […]

Modeling differently

Following the former post about nice people contacting me, I thought the letter from the friendly stranger called Jasper deserved to have its own spot, in the art category even. Evidently, I’ve been a model without having to sit still for a long time! Below you see a picture I took of the two pictures […]


Yeah, kind of weird title but, it’s apparently part of being a Voorwerp-discoverer. There even seems to be an (unofficial) fan page about, well, me. Nothing serious as I recall, but my students pointed it out to me one day. When I did the first set of interviews back in 2008, I googled to see […]