Monthly Archives: March 2014

ThinkCon (announcement)

When you’re reading this, I will probably be on my way to Cambridge to speak at ThinkCon. I’ve already told a few of my friends about this, and I’ll be meeting some of them there, but if you’d like to know more: have a look at this great line-up! Free tickets can be reserved on […]

National Stargazing Days

Photo:  The Sterrenwacht Limburg was one of the science centres involved in the Nationale Sterrenkijkdagen last weekend and since Steven and I are volunteers now, we went both Friday and Saturday evening. We attracted about 200 visitors in total and it was a lot of fun to see some of them reacting to what […]

Lecturing in Rotterdam

Last week I lectured for two groups (5VWO and 6VWO) at the Emmaus College in Rotterdam, about my discovery, Galaxy Zoo and citizen science. I was invited by André van der Hoeven, who I had met first at the APOTY awards in London last year. The students (lovely groups!) were given tablets to try out […]

¡Ciudadano, la ciencia te llama!

I don’t know what that means, but it’s the title of an article for which I gave an interview recently. It’s written by Laura Chaparro for the Spanish magazine Muy Interesante. 

On Radio Veronica!

Last weekend I was listening to one of my favourite radio stations, when the presenters (Rick & Marlous) were talking about the photo shoot they had recently done. The question of that day was: “At what remarkable location did you have your photo taken?” Other listeners texted exotic holiday destinations and one of them had […]