Monthly Archives: July 2009


I still almost can’t believe the school year is over. It went quickly in the end. And I think it’s a bit like the end of a calendar year…   You ‘close’ one year. You say goodbye to the kids you took care of that whole year. With whom you celebrated Easter and Christmas. With […]


Lots of the now 303 approved comments on this website are from people I know. Most of the e-mail feedback I receive through and about this website are from people I haven’t met before. And in a few of those replies I was asked about some numbers of this site, which gave me this idea […]

Hanny’s Voorwerp in the paper, a Hubble picture and the discovery of Peas

Two months ago I shed some light on how we wrote the papers about Hanny’s Voorwerp. The one from the team at ASTRON was just out and recently the one from the Galaxy Zoo team came out too.   I’ve updated the links page, as there has been some discussion going on on the Galaxy […]


Is what probably every teacher answers, when you ask how they are at the end of a school year. Which is why it has been a while since my last story here, but I also figured my Irish adventures last month make up for the temporary silence. Anyway, I’m still here and I’ve been up […]