Monthly Archives: April 2009

Picture this.

I’m from a family which has a passion for photography. Henny, my dad, has a nice camera. (He always had the latest stuff). So when another magazine asked if I didn’t have a better quality picture of myself, I had the stupid idea of asking him to take some.   It brought back memories of […]

Spring is in the air.

Nature is awaking. A new year has really started and the Earth looks at its best. I love this season. It’s getting warmer and you can feel, see, smell and hear ‘spring is in the air’.   So here’s a few pictures to celebrate all the new life and to remind us how pretty everything […]

Welcome chicks.

It was about 22.30 when I arrived home from Amsterdam, last Sunday evening. I put my backpack on the table and took Janey for a walk. We walked to the school I work in. I had never been there in the dark, but I had to check up on ‘my’ eggs…   One of the […]

Amsterdam excitement! – Part 2

“Previously on Hanny’s”, I wrote about a wonderful weekend in Amsterdam and here’s the second part of that story.   When Femke, Tommy and I arrived at NEMO that Sunday morning, there was already a line of people waiting to get in! And it did turn out to be another great day. I didn’t take […]

Amsterdam excitement! – Part 1

My head is still buzzing when I think about last weekend. I’m not often lost for words anyway, but I get so much energy from so many good things happening around me, that I’ll probably come across as a bouncing ball… This all started out with me daydreaming in a train to Amsterdam though, last […]