Monthly Archives: May 2010

More pictures

Since we’re seeking illustrators for the web comic, who can draw me sitting behind a laptop or computer, we needed some pictures of me in that position. So besides the shoots I’d already planned for this month, I did an extra one with Joseph Voncken.   Jos is one of the best photographers I’ve seen. […]


I recently answered the question a lot whether the press is still keeping me “off the streets”. The answer is ‘yes’. A few days ago I spent the afternoon with two people from   The ‘w’ in that link stands for ‘wetenschap’, which is the Dutch word for ‘science’. The two people were Lars […]

Striking a pose – again

Earlier this month I mentioned me doing a shoot for The Chronicle of Higher Education in Washington. Well, that’s where they are based; the shoot took place at Science Center eXplorion in Heerlen. Anyway, here’s the result:   Picture: David Klammer.   What do you think? I quite like it, but the people in Washington […]

Stop the press!

A while ago we (the team of astronomers involved in the investigation of Hanny’s Voorwerp and me) asked for funding to do some really cool outreach work. Good outreach work is important, so that every citizen is able to find out what those scientists discovered. And I’ve told a lot of people I would tell […]

London baby!

Yes, I knew it would be soon before I travelled to the beautiful capital of the United Kingdom again – by train this time and for the third time this year. Reason now was my uncle Willem (dad’s twin brother) winning the trip and needing an ‘experienced London guide’.   Me! Yeah, the few times […]