Monthly Archives: August 2009


Besides that England is a lovely country, I like spending time here because a lot of my friends live here. I’m mostly staying in Portsmouth with one of them – Edd, but every now and then we travel through the country, mostly to London, to see the others. This varied group of people met through […]


I’m in the train from London Waterloo, back to Portsmouth Harbour, writing thoughts on a paper tissue. I’ve just seen Queen & Ben Elton’s musical ‘We Will Rock You’, for the third time. I know that’s not a lot though, I’ve heard of people going seven times. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll understand why. I’m […]

Holiday, celebrate!

I’m in the United Kingdom again, for the summer. I love hanging around here with friends and there’s lots to do that gives me that holiday feeling. Last year I had a great time too and I thought to share some pictures of last week-and-a-half…   

Hubble’s plans and the Hanny’s Voorwerp symbol!

After I just wrote about what I had heard of Hubble’s plans, William Keel – zookeeper Bill who is in the USA but is excellent in Dutch too – shared the official schedule with the rest of the world last week, on my friend Arie’s website.   Here’s the image taken from the website of […]