Monthly Archives: April 2014

Stargazing with the family

After Steven and I had taken my little cousin and her parents to the Sterrenwacht Limburg for the National Stargazing Days, we had promised her a private show in her garden with our ‘scope another night too. My dad, my stepmum and my aunt’s twin sister came round for this as well and luckily, we […]

Stargazing Weekend in the Achterhoek

Me, giving a talk in PJs (picture by Steven Lantinga). Click on the picture for my flickr album!  Ever since I gave a lecture for the group of amateur astronomers from the Astroforum, when they were in Limburg for a weekend of stargazing, I’ve been a member too. It’s the forum Steven’s been on for […]

ThinkCon in Cambridge

“I never could get the hang of Thursdays”, is what I tweeted the day before I was travelling to Cambridge. It had been a more-than-usual hectic week. Even the three hour train trip to the ferry almost seemed too short. I realised I like trains so much because they force me to do nothing. I […]

Milky Way Cocktail?

Does a Milky Way Cocktail contain milk? Do you know what Dark Matter tastes like? That’s what the poster below asks. It challenges primary school kids (of all groups and from everywhere!) to come up with a recipe for this astronomical dish and/or drink. It’s a competition and the organisers asked me to take a […]

Helen Keen’s ‘It Is Rocket Science’ new series

I’m fairly sure that most of you following my blog are interested in (space) science. And I’m guessing that a lot of you are interested in it the way I am; without necessarily being an actual scientist. Have I got a thing to show you! My friend Helen Keen, who had invited me on her […]