Monthly Archives: March 2011

“Scientific collaborations in astronomy between amateurs and professionals”

As the title suggest, this is of interest to me and probably many of my readers. And the paper with this title has been living on my laptop since it came out in January this year (when I was busy with our launch in Seattle). To be honest, I can’t remember how I found it, […]

Voorwerp International

In case you’re not in Spain or France, or in case you are, but you hadn’t seen these yet anyway and in case you’d just like to see two more examples of how international the Voorwerp is (which I think is rather cool), here are a couple of images from articles recently sent to me. […]

Zoo creativity

I’ve been meaning to show you this for a while actually. Zooites – as the group of Galaxy Zoo volunteers on the Galaxy Zoo forum are called – have started to express their creativity in ‘Zoo limericks’ and one of them is about my discovery. The author, David, wrote that meeting me in Greenwich on […]

Back to Middelburg

As part of a remarkable ‘European tour’, I once visited the science centre Philippus Lansbergen in Middelburg in the middle of the night. I was then asked if I’d like to come back one day and tell about my astronomical find. Last Tuesday was International Woman’s Day and so they thought it would be the […]


  Did I mention it’s pretty cool to be part of the astronomy community? Last year, while I was over in London for the She Is An Astronomer conference, I was asked to write an article for one of the best astronomy magazines: Astronomy Now. And the March issue with that article in it is […]