Monthly Archives: September 2009

My adorable dog

Meet my German Shepherd, Janey. This month, it’s already ten years ago since this little miss sunshine came into my life, so I thought to write a piece about how we’ve stuck together ever since and how she still makes me laugh every day. I’ll do so using ten pictures from throughout the years. (Pictures […]

She Is An Astronomer

Or in short: ‘SIAA’, is a cornerstone project of the International Year of Astronomy 2009. As said on their website, it provides information to female professional and amateur astronomers, students, and those interested in the gender equality problem in science. And they have some exciting news!   Although maybe I should say: ‘we have some […]

I’m back and the new year has started

I’m back and the new year has started and there have been some exciting things going on. Here’s a few of those things which could’ve been paragraphs from my diary, if I had one.   Some day at the end of August or the beginning of this month – I would’ve written that I had […]