Monthly Archives: January 2009

How big are you?

And how big is your house? Your garden or balcony. The city you live in. Your country. And the continent that country is in. How big is our planet, do you think? Our home is surrounded by a few other planets, who are also dancing around the Sun, together forming our Solar System. Any idea […]

Hanny’s Voorwerp in the pictures.

As promised earlier on this blog, I updated the Voorwerp page with some nice new pictures of Hanny’s Voorwerp…   The first picture I added is from Albert van Duin. He works at ASTRON and sent me an e-mail a few days ago. His picture – which he took last Christmas – recently became the […]

Walking in a winter wonderland.

I have cold feet. My nose is cold. My ears are red and cold. My fingertips, my toes, my cheeks, even the ends of my hair… But what a pretty sight eh?!   It does also provide reasons to complain, as the snow isn’t very convenient for all traffic either, but glasses are half full, […]