Monthly Archives: October 2009

Ready for this?

I’ve been to London again and thanks to one of my friends, I really feel like a Local, with my very own Oyster card and all! Reason this time was an invite from Edd, who introduced me to Tim Minchin a while ago and got tickets for his show last Friday… Ready for this?   […]

Astronomy Picture Of the Day

Galaxy Zoo, the online astronomy project on which I discovered Hanny’s Voorwerp, is featured on the very popular APOD website again!   And I’m guessing that if you’re reading this today, there’s a big chance you’ve found this place because of the mention of my discovery there. So I thought I’d put a proper welcome […]

All the single people!

Apparently, the people I rent my flat from organise a ‘day-for-the-people-who-rent-from-them’ every year. So I’m told in the invitation I got, for the first time since I lived here in (wow it’s already) three years. It started making sense when I read on: this yearly event is not for all of us, they have a […]

Ode to Autumn

By now I think I’ve made a tradition of it: celebrating the new seasons throughout the year, with typical pictures of them.   I like taking pictures and I like to think I’m pretty good at it. Even when I just use my mobile phone camera – because I always have that with me. I […]

Sharing the planet

I’ve started this website to have all the information about (the discovery of) Hanny’s Voorwerp organised in one place. I’ve used the ‘blog’ part, not only to publish stories about how I’m promoting science across the world, but to vent unrelated interesting or funny  things happening around me. And the best part is, I get […]