Monthly Archives: September 2012

P.M. Magazin

With the title ‘Sind Sie auch schon Forscher?’ which means something like ‘Are you already a researcher too?’ the German science magazine P.M. features an article on Citizen Science. I got a copy of their 10/2012 issue, as they had asked me for a picture. Besides Galaxy Zoo, there’s a whole bit about Whale FM […]

Discovery Festival Amsterdam (invitation)

My diary shows exciting times ahead, especially for the astronomy ambassador in me. I just mentioned the exposition we’ll be at, there are still two lectures planned (one in Oostende, Belgium and one in Maastricht, Netherlands) – and I’ve been asked for a third next year. In between, I also did an interview for a […]

Les Histoires minuscules de l’Espace

  A few months ago, someone from the French Space Agency (CNES) and more particularly, the Cultural Department called the Space Observatory, wrote to me because they were working on the ‘European Heritage Days’. Apparently, my story matched closely to their project for this weekend.  The French Ministry of Culture and Communication had proposed the […]


Since I travel a lot these days due to discovering this weird thing in space, I often end up in conversations like this: “Whereabouts are you from exactly?” To which I usually answer: “From the very southeast of the Netherlands.” And then I get replies like: “Oh I love Holland.” (!) Or: “Amsterdam is such […]


Last Christmas, one of my best friends – Anja, gave me a chicken. This is not the start of a bad Christmas song (in the summer), she really adopted a chicken in my name. I posted the letter on twitter, which explains that we made sure this chicken (and her friends) have a nice space […]