Monthly Archives: February 2012

Travelling (on trains, on snow)

For a while it seemed like we’d skip ‘winter’ this year; there was talk of a not so cold-cold season, before the weather ladies and gentlemen turned out right and it froze at least twenty degrees here in the Netherlands.   This meant rumours of skating competitions (although I’m not a proper/cliché Dutch citizen on […]

Pretty Yuk

Here’s a picture I said I’d show. I love these close-ups of life. And so do my students. We looked at different things in the past semester, but the fungi got the funniest responses. It actually is rather pretty ‘yuk’ though and very important pretty yuk too. The microscopic view is Botrytis cinerea, the grey, […]

Open Day at Citaverde College

Remember my ‘other’ job? I’m sure I mentioned before how much I love it. If such a thing exists, I’m born a teacher. And this is another example of why it’s so great.  You might not expect it, but we make crazy hours sometimes. Parents nights ‘till nine in the evening, when we’ve been teaching […]


My abroad friends tell me they’re my fan club, with one of them having plans of printing a t-shirt with my frog on it (I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually goes ahead with this and I catch him front row, waving a banner during my talk or something). Another one makes sure I know […]