Monthly Archives: August 2011

Lectures at Leiden University

Yep, rumour has it I’m going to talk about the Zooniverse and my discovery at Leiden Uni and after kind suggestions for an announcement, I’d like to confirm with this. Looking forward to it!    


Last month I attended the garden party at ASTRON’s Mike; one of the many upsides of being the discoverer of a certain Voorwerp! Here’s what made the Daily Image; I couldn’t resist showing. Thank you Mike!   A few weeks ago, the ASTRON-JIVE Summer Student Garden Party was held – an opportunity for the students […]

“Very, very much!”

  The guys called me morbid for remarking – you know, one day we’ll all be dead and we can’t do this anymore, so are you enjoying it as much as I am – while we were walking away from the pub that evening. They assured me they did though. Els and I fell onto […]

“Did you guys have fun?”

Never a doubt about that. We exchanged the picnic sight quicker than usual for our favourite pub The Union, because of the heat. We found a nice shady spot in the garden and shared more drinks and laughter until the Sun made room for the Moon. The guy with whom we had interesting conversations about […]

“So how was London…”

It was cool, thanks. And very hot actually. It became summer as soon as I left and although I did remember sunscreen (‘if I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it’), the Sun surprised us with its power. Anyway, before we arrived on that warm hill top in Greenwich, […]