Monthly Archives: March 2013

Vrolijk Pasen!

(Or Happy Easter). From me and the rest of the family. Little cousin V, who thinks I have ‘Princess Rapunzel hair’, took the picture of me (!) and we made a few drawings. Valesca’s daddy (my uncle Cor) joined our creative party with his seahorses, while mummy made an amazing lunch. I hope you all […]


CULTAVERDE is the ‘show-ALL-the-talent’ eve at the CITAVERDE College, where I’m a teacher. The year is added because it was such a success we’ve already decided to make it an annual event. We had invited all students and colleagues to participate and show their art. There was an audition to make sure we only had […]

Three Zooites (in Maastricht!)

I’m guessing most of my readers are well familiar with that term, but for newcomers: ‘Zooite’ is the title you get being a volunteer on (initially) Galaxy Zoo or (nowadays) any of the Zooniverse projects. I often use it to refer to my Zoo-friends; the people I met through the Zoo-forum a couple of years […]

That Belgian TV show I was on…

That I told you about a few days ago… Here it is. 😉 

Book: Biohacking

If you’re not new to this site of mine, you know I often mention the places my Voorwerp pops up. A while ago I was interviewed for this book, with the subtitle ‘Gentechnik aus der Garage’, and one of the authors – Richard Friebe – made sure I got a copy to show you. It’s […]