Monthly Archives: July 2011

Life imitating art

The other day, Bill (who’s doing the lead on our Hubble Voorwerp paper) e-mailed me a couple of pictures, which I thought you, my readers, would like to see too.   With the first he wrote: “I went to the Texas Star Party to give a presentation on the Zooniverse, and was hoping to get […]


This is one of the accounts I meant to publish sooner – last season to be more precise – but since we’re not talking fashion here, better late than never. So a few months ago, on a lovely spring day in March, I paid a visit to the Leiden University where Pedro Russo (from Portugal) […]

Magazines update

Although I’ve been a bit less active as ‘ambassador for science’ these last few weeks, not a week can go by without the Voorwerp in it – even if it only makes a small appearance by someone asking or joking about it, or through the occasional quick interview.   One such interview, plus shoot, was […]

Hello again!

In my mind I started writing this ‘blog’ (I’m still not sure what to think of that term) last Friday, the 8th of July, and the last day of the year. It’s been awhile (again) and in the meantime I’ve learned that you might be able to have and do it all, but maybe not […]