Monthly Archives: May 2013

I have a bug

Several, actually. After my recent visit to Amsterdam, I travelled on to Zwolle, where I’m still studying biology too. One of the teachers was clearing out a cupboard this Saturday afternoon and he found a couple of bugs. Collected by a student back in the nineties (according to her notes – I think it was […]

We Will Rock You… Again

It’s no secret I’m still a big Queen fan (naturally) and I’ve seen We Will Rock You a couple of times in London over the years. I also went to the Dutch version a few times, when it played here in the Netherlands. Currently there’s an amazing crew touring Europe with this production, celebrating its […]

Lecturing in Heerlen!

Yep, home match. I cycled even. Glamorous, innit? I was invited to a fancy dinner, by the Rotary Club ‘Land van Rode’ and they had requested a lecture for dessert. I knew the location well as I played there with my university band once, at my own graduation. (So I managed to find the artist […]

New Voorwerp Picture

Found it! (My mailbox is actually quite organised). Patrick Duis, who was in the audience during my lecture in Tilburg, sent me this picture he took of my Voorwerp and its neighbour, galaxy IC2497. He said he used a 200mm F5 Newton telescope and an EOS 400D DSLR camera, for those of you wondering. Thank you, […]

Lecturing in Tilburg

Last month I travelled to Tilburg after work, as I was invited to lecture about the Zooniverse and my find for astro society ‘Wega’. Their venue was just perfect: the Nature Museum Brabant! I thought it was rather exciting to walk around there on my own when most lights were already off… And there was […]