Monthly Archives: January 2010

Sharing Astronomy

Recently, Ken Hudson from Share Astronomy interviewed me for his website and the result of that appeared today (click the image). So this is just a plug to that. – Thanks Ken!   And while I’m ‘plugging’ anyway… Chris Kirkland nominated me for a Twitter Shorty Award! And yes, they are serious awards, with a […]

And it snowed (3/3)

And the last five pictures of this winter landscape sequence show trees. I love trees. And that’s all I want to add. Enjoy the view.  Wintertrees:        

And it snowed (2/3)

As peaceful as the snow makes the environment look and as quiet as it was – with only the sound of our steps in the snow and a robin calling for a friend – it does invite to run and jump around in it. At least, it encouraged me and Janey. And though it’s hard […]

And it snowed (1/3)

Though there already are a few nice things planned around my discovery for this year – and even though you can never tell what else comes up – this first month is probably going to be a quiet one. So meanwhile, I’m using the blog part of this site to show how pretty our own […]