Monthly Archives: November 2014

Science in my English class

Just so you know: I’m mainly writing this story and sharing these pictures for my students from 3F. (Guys, you can skip this next paragraph). As a bit of an explanation to my other readers: I think most articles about me say I’m a biology teacher and my students also know me as the Dutch […]

Symposium ‘Open Access: the new beginning?’

Pictures taken by myself, except where stated otherwise.  Last month I was invited to speak at this symposium ‘Open Access: the new beginning?’ in Amsterdam, for which I prepared a talk on how open access the Zooniverse is. Of course I explained why I was there, as a citizen scientist (and how I became a […]

March Against Animal Testing

  I realise this will sound very cliché, but it’s my life goal to try and leave the world a better place than it was back in ’83. Therefore I’ll stand up for what I think is right whenever I can and one such occasion was last month, on World Animal Day. More than a […]

Talking in Kohlscheid

  A while ago I was asked to speak in Kohlscheid, for Ericsson. Apparently, the company organises meetings to inspire their employees and they thought the story of the Zooniverse and my discovery through it, would do that. So I took the green tour bus to Germany (I love how I learn about new places) […]

Het logboek

Remember the space recipes contest? And how the winners would end up in the book Anke den Duyn was writing? Well said book is out now and it’s called: “Het logboek”. As participants of the contest, my students and I were sent a copy and we’ve been reading it together since.   Even though Anke […]