Monthly Archives: November 2012

Pecha Kucha Maastricht (announcement)

Remember this? I was originally asked to do my Pecha Kucha presentation in Maastricht, but then Liège came up. Apparently they liked my 6 minutes and 40 seconds about my Voorwerp, as they’ve asked me to do Maastricht as well. Which is kind of taking it home for me!  So, tomorrow… see you there?!  (PS […]

Here it is!!

This wonderful book, which is literally full of wonders, doesn’t really need an introduction anymore – especially since I’ve mentioned it here before. However, I just found my copy of The Cosmic Tourist by Brian May, Patrick Moore and Chris Lintott in my mailbox and I’m standing on my soapbox with it for several reasons… […]

Buzzzy Be

This is another I-am-still-living-the-life-of-three-people update. But I’m also enjoying it as much as three people together would, so it’s still great to be a teacher, a student, an ambassador and have a social life as well.   I’m all settled again at school and new classes are finding out about my ‘discovery fame’. A new […]


Frequent readers of this place know I’ve used this platform a couple of times before to raise awareness on important issues (other than astronomy, biology, education, music, photography and life). I’ve also been tweeting, with Dr. Brian May, about the welfare of wildlife and although I’m sure most of you know about the situation British […]