Monthly Archives: December 2010

The World Première of The Hubble picture of Hanny’s Voorwerp!

Will be on the 10th of January 2011, at the AAS meeting in Seattle, 12.45pm local time and I will be there!   If Bill (Keel) counted zones properly, it will be 9.45pm in The Netherlands, so 8.45pm GMT. He also just mailed me saying he just told the AAS press coordinator I’ll be there […]

The arrival of the comic

It’s been a while since we had proper news about Hanny’s Voorwerp, but behind the scenes lots of stuff has happened! And although I still can’t spill all the beans, I think it’s time for an update of some sort.   First of all: no, I didn’t forget the competition we held, back in September. […]

International Year of Astronomy: Certificate of Appreciation!

Last year, 2009, was the International Year of Astronomy. This year, in May, I got a Certificate of Appreciation for my contribution to the events taking place in the light of ‘IYA2009’ and since I thought that was rather cool, and it’s already almost the end of 2010, here it is.   It was a […]

Berlin baby!

I had to check my website, my diary, to see how many trips I’ve made this year, but right before 2010 is over I’ve also been to Berlin, by invitation of my Danish friend Robin.   The first time I went to London this year was in February, to return in May twice and in […]

Window model

I owed you readers this one. Last season, after I did an interview for the Weller magazine, they made posters of the shoot we did and those were shown in a window in the city centre of Heerlen all autumn!   I got students saying ‘hey ma’am, I saw you in a window, are you […]