Monthly Archives: March 2012

Astrofest Adventures (After partying)

To start this last piece on this year’s Astrofest, mainly showing how much fun we had after the event, here’s a group picture of Galaxy Zoo friends, who started meeting up at the very same event a couple of years ago. From left to right and top to bottom you see: Jules, Tommy, Gemma, John, […]

Astrofest Adventures (the experience)

In the meantime Brian (May) sat next to me; we whispered hi and watched Simon (Singh) fry a gherkin together. We also enjoyed Katie Melua’s song with Simon’s lyrics to her ‘Nine Million Bicycles’. Only at Astrofest. © Max Alexander.   Part of the Astrofest Experience is not going home without at least one or […]

Astrofest Adventures (on stage)

Dr. Lucie Green, who’d just given her lively talk about her investigations of the Sun, and I, about the be announced on stage. © Max Alexander.   I had already admired the hugeness of the venue, the audience and the stage, when we plugged in the laptops to test. Which was good, as you can’t […]

Astrofest Adventures (the preparations)

The enormous screen announcing Astrofest 2012, with my laptop in front of it. © Hanny van Arkel.   Astrofest, for those new to the phenomenon: huge astronomy event in Kensington, London, with lectures, book signings, an exhibition and many cool people. The place to be every second weekend in February, in short. This year would […]