Monthly Archives: February 2014

Astrofest 2014 (friends)

I have a couple of more pictures and anecdotes to share from the Astrofest weekend and I’ll post them over the next few days. In this one you can see a few of my friends at the event. In the first picture I’m posing with the lovely Brian, who told me about Farthings and the […]

Astrofest 2014 (Talks)

The seventh time I took a picture like this.  As usual, I was still teaching on the Friday of Astrofest, but I was very much looking forward to coming over for the weekend. One of my colleagues had asked me if it would be a Deventer or a Heerlen weekend and I’d said ‘London, actually!’ […]


After the – if I say so myself – big success of the cultural event at our school last year, my colleague Bas and I had been looking forward to organising another edition. This year we’d have a theme and with the show being on Valentine’s Day, guess what that was! I had told my […]

White stuff!

  The good stuff! As I said in my previous entry, we had snow in some parts of the Netherlands. Not the messy, slushy stuff. But the proper, thick 10 cm which is perfect for snowball fights – stuff. We stayed over at our friend’s house and in the morning we went for a walk […]

If, then…

Ever since journalists started asking me how discovering Hanny’s Voorwerp changed my life, I’ve been writing an article about it in my head. I might never get round to actually putting it down on paper, but here’s just yet another example of something I wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t…  I met my boyfriend eight […]