Monthly Archives: February 2009

Spotting the green spot.

I’m glad lots of people find my e-mail address on this site and use it to tell me their thoughts and stories about Hanny’s Voorwerp. There was this boy who did his show-and-tell about it for instance. And this week I received an e-mail from Dragan Nikin and Jimi Lowrey from Fort Davis, Texas, USA. […]

Spring! Break!

It’s not exactly spring yet, but the other day when I walked to school, it wasn’t as dark as it had been that day before. And I also heard a few birds singing “spring is coming soon”. Spring break is here now though and I’m going to be a cliché teacher and say I’m glad […]

“Do you Zoo 2?!”

Yay! It’s live! Galaxy Zoo, part two. The ‘online astronomy project for everyone’ now has a new mission. If you’re reading this on its birthday, you’ve probably found my website through the press about it, or via the Galaxy Zoo Forum directly, where I’m one of the moderators. In any case, ‘we’re back’ and you […]

My first time.

I admit: I was an airplane virgin. I had never been in one before, until the last London weekend. The school holidays I spent with my family, were always fun days in the Netherlands, as we had lots of pets we couldn’t leave behind. Of course I’ve been to Belgium and Germany, but that’s next […]

Weekendje London.

Friday morning. 08:06 hours. A text from Adrianus. He and Jan were already on their way to London for Astrofest. But their flight was delayed and eventually even cancelled due to heavy snow on the Airport. (!) I was going to leave the next morning to see my ‘Zoo-friends’ at this place where we first […]