Monthly Archives: November 2010

Another exotic appearance

A few weeks ago I got a request for an e-mail interview (in English), for a Norwegian astronomy magazine and they’ve sent the result to me by actual mail!   Here’s a quick poor-quality cam picture of me holding the magazine, because I find it über-cool there’s a whole story on my discovery in this […]

I feel a returning theme coming on

Hanny’s Voorwerp seems to have inspired a few creative people already. There was Lars’ drawing of me in space and more recently the view of a group of eight year olds on ‘the frog in space’. I also stumbled across a poem about my discovery a while ago and of course there’s our own comic […]

Open Day at ASTRON

In my previous account I explained the reason for my lack of time currently (my study) but then, I’m always greedy when it comes to time. In any case, here are the pictures of ASTRON’s open day, I meant to show a little sooner.   It was a great day! Nice weather, lots of interested […]

Thoughts from a student on a train

Yes I’m a teacher, but these days I’m “everything”; I’m also a student again, as I recently started this biology course. And biology is ‘the science that studies life’. So even though my government makes me pay for it twice as much as normal – and I am 27 – it’s an obvious choice for […]