Monthly Archives: March 2010

Lecture at dr Aletta Jacobs College

A while ago I travelled all the way up north of this little country – to Groningen – for the first time, to do a few talks about Galaxy Zoo. Recently I was asked to do this five hour train trip again, to tell a group of students from the dr Aletta Jacobs College about […]

National Geographic shot me!

Today, exactly a month ago, I played a model again: I did a photo shoot for the National Geographic magazine.   A while ago, I was asked if I’d like to be featured in their item about people who have discoveries named after them. And if I then had some ideas for the shoot, as […]

I appeared…

…In a few media places by the way. Well, me and/or my Voorwerp. This was during the time I was too busy to blog about it. However, in such cases Twitter is great: it’s quick, easy and if you’re interested, it will keep you updated. Anyway, here’s a few of those places, for the record: […]

I figured…

…It’s about time I wrote up some of the things keeping me busy lately.   This picture of me and Ciska, one of my students, was taken by my colleague Bart Scheren during the yearly Carnival ball.     Just like every year I remember, this one started with an unexpected challenge; my new job […]