Monthly Archives: November 2011

The story of Zwarte Piet

I’m offended by a couple of people who want me to stop a tradition I’ve loved and believed in for as long as I can remember and since it’s (mostly) non-Dutch speaking people stirring this debate, I’m using my blog to show ‘our’ side of the story.   A short recap: Sinterklaas, or Saint Nicholas, […]

Astrofest Update

Although it’s still a good few months until Astrofest, the pre-fun has definitely started. One of my crazy friends over there has promised to be in the front row wearing a Hanny’s Voorwerp t-shirt or something, so I’ll even have a groupie.   Another friend has sent me this month’s issue of the Astronomy Now […]

Lovely Days

Isn’t outside colourful?! I certainly think we can’t complain about the weather this autumn in any case! Carpe diem people… (Pictures: Hanny van Arkel).