Monthly Archives: October 2011

Astrofest 2012 Announcement!

Astrofest 2012? Already? Yes yes! Though usually, the preparations do already start around this time. I just seemed to have developed the habit to spontaneously book a day or two before the actual event. But not this time. Of course, with this being the fifth since I first met up with the Galaxy Zoo gang, […]

Sky and Telescope

When I was in Seattle earlier this year, I met Bob from the magazine Sky and Telescope. Later he sent me an e-mail asking if I’d be interested to write a short article for them. And while gossip about the issue already started on twitter, I can now say it’s out. I already got my […]

Between the holidays

Since this week the weather is showing too, we’re close to the autumn holiday already. (I’ll refrain from further clichés about time flying). But while the leaves are falling – creating more space for the Sun’s beams to shine through – I still have a few pictures I took in the previous holiday I want […]

Here come the brides

As you might have seen on twitter, my mum recently remarried a wonderful woman and they asked me to be one of their witnesses. The wedding took place up north in Friesland, where they now live happily ever after. My mum is rather cool; she rebuilt the garden to make it fit for parties like […]

Competition winners!

First of all, I am very sorry it took a year to announce the winners of our comic competition! All I can say is it was a bit mad behind the scenes. Meanwhile, we’ve updated the comic (with some of the suggestions you readers gave us too) and we have a shiny new website for […]