Monthly Archives: August 2010

This is it – order now

First of all – a big thank you to everybody asking me about this! It’s nice to know so many people are interested. And now I can tell you all: you can pre-order the comic “Hanny and the mystery of the Voorwerp” since today!   This is the cover page. Click it to see how […]

Μια συνέντευξη στα ελληνικά (or: An interview in Greek)

(At least that’s what I hope it says). A few weeks ago, a lovely reporter from Greece contacted me and we did an e-mail interview. The result appeared on The Makeδonia website, which is also on my – recently updated – list of links to internet articles about Hanny’s Voorwerp, that appeared this year. Since […]

Summer fun

Can you tell I’m busy? I am in any case, but I don’t mind it. It’ll not stop me enjoying life, even though I didn’t have a lot of time this season to go out and photograph it. Instead, here are a few funny shots from a video, recently taken in my uncle and aunt’s […]

The Comic about The Voorwerp!

Official release:   This past Monday, at about 8pm Central (GMT -5), a Voorwerpish webcomic was delivered to Sips Comics for printing. Tuesday morning we got the page proofs, and now, one by one, they are being made into full color reality.   We could say a lot of things right now: We could tell […]

Visiting The Hague

This is a short report on one of those examples of situations I probably would never have ended up in if I hadn’t asked what that blue stuff below was…   ‘Cause I’d met this lovely lady at the opening of LOFAR and she invited me to visit her in The Hague. She works for […]