Monthly Archives: December 2009

Happy New Year of Astronomy!

The International Year of Astronomy is almost over. And so is the first year of writing about my (mostly) astronomical adventures on this website. Today it was exactly a year ago since this site was born (i.e. visible for the rest of the world) and since I kept a calendar page on it, it’s easy […]

The Zooniverse is here!

Galaxy Zoo, the online citizen astronomy project (on which I discovered Hanny’s Voorwerp), already had two sister projects recently starting: Galaxy Zoo Mergers and Supernovae Zoo. So now the oil spill of knowledge and fun grew so big it needed a new home: The Zooniverse.   As often called ‘ambassador’ for (citizen) science and Galaxy […]

Just so you know…

My recent visit to ASTRON with a bunch of Galaxy Zoo people was mentioned in their news magazine, which appears twice a year. And you can now easily share that news too.  Astron News is a colourful magazine about recent findings and everything else ASTRON has been up to the past six months. You can […]

Hit it!

OK – I was wrong.   When I wrote about the ‘party for singles’ organised by the people I rent my flat from, I was sceptical to say the least. And when the guy picking me up showed up at my house more than half an hour too early, I wasn’t really impressed by their […]

Thank you Sinterklaasje!

If you’re ‘following’ me here since last year, you’ve already heard of our Saint Nicholas tradition, as I published a photo of me and my cousin Valesca back then. I love this time of year.  So we did it again. It was Valesca’s second and she needed a little more time to get used to […]