Monthly Archives: November 2008

Going back to Farthings.

‘Farthings’ is the name of Patrick’s home in Selsey. Back in the summer, when I went there for the interview, Chris came with the idea for a ‘zoo-meeting’ there, which we had this autumn. All members of the Galaxy Zoo forum were invited and it turned out the be a great party. Or weekend even. […]


“I wish my name was Hanny van Arkel. It sounds like the name of a minor character in Pippi Longstocking or something”. “Hanny’s Voorwerp was recently discovered by an amateur astronomist (a primary school teacher) who says she doesn’t even own her own telescope. Now why couldn’t that have been me?!!… I want to do […]

Interviews and photo shoots.

“Dear Hanny, I wanted to ask whether you would be happy to talk to journalists. I think the fact that an armchair astronomer has made such a discovery is likely to cause quite a bit of interest – would you be up for doing radio or TV interviews if it was possible to arrange this?” […]

My summer holiday in the UK.

It feels like home, but it’s also a holiday. And I’d never thought I’d feel so at home in another country. Not that I ever was homesick either, I loved all the school camping trips I made as a kid. But anyway, I fell in love with England. Last summer I stayed there for a […]

The launch.

This is like being on stage. I’m in my own comfy home, but everybody who reads my words is going to have an opinion about it. And you never know who’s in the audience. But that’s also exciting.  Welcome to my first blog post. It took some time and energy, but now my website is […]