Monthly Archives: September 2010


“Ma’am, we just saw some people with cameras – are they here for you again?” My students are getting used to it too, it seems. A few weeks ago we indeed had a TV crew visiting me at school.   They’re from the KRO’s program ‘Goudmijn’, which means ‘goldmine’ and shows extraordinary stories – like […]

“Hanny og den mystiske Voorwerp”

Is Danish for “Hanny and the mystical Voorwerp” and a headline for a Danish newspaper called Ingeniøren. I met their reporter, Robin Engelhardt, at the Summit in London earlier this month.   I was rather busy that day, so I promised him some quotes later. And with the internet these days, you don’t really have […]

We will rock you too!

Ever since I saw Queen and Ben Elton’s musical for the first time in London a few years ago, I hoped I could attend it in my own country one day too. This summer it finally happened!   Even though this is a little country, the city of Utrecht is a two hour train trip […]

The Citizen Cyberscience Summit and some press

In the last week of my summer holiday I feel I’ve lived the life of three people. It’s been crazy busy, but with a lot of fun things. At the beginning of the week I had a friend over for dinner and even a guest from England! Wednesday I left for London myself…   It […]

The result of the Weller shoots

A few weeks ago I wrote about the shoots I did for a local magazine and I promised to publish the results when the issue would be out. Which is now.   Whenever someone asks me how cool it is to be “famous”, I always answer that fortunately I can still cross the street without […]